What is EUNIC?

EUNIC stands for "European Union National Institutes for Culture" and is the union of cultural institutes and embassies of the Member States of the European Union. EUNIC was founded in 2006, and today there are 35 organizations from 28 member countries of the EU called Full Members. The member institutions of EUNIC operate independently of political decision-makers in the core areas of competence language and culture. They also ensure that joint EUNIC projects have a large sphere of action, thus helping the European Commission in their mission.

How does EUNIC work?

EUNIC operates on two levels – EUNIC Global and EUNIC Clusters located worldwide. EUNIC Global, based in Brussels, is administered by a President, Vice-President and four ordinary board members elected by the EUNIC General Assembly that meets twice a year. In the European Union Member States and third countries, the individual cultural institutions and European embassies are grouped together in local networks, so-called Clusters, which organise specific cultural events locally.

What is a EUNIC Cluster?

A EUNIC Cluster is the local union of all interested European cultural institutes and embassies based in the same place (city, country). The Cluster can, depending on the country of residence and local preferences, take the form of a registered association (as is the case in Austria), or exist as a more informal organisation. A EUNIC Cluster brings together organizations not only from all 28 EU member states (Full Members) but also from third countries (Associate Members) and partners (Representation of the European Commission) who cooperate on common cultural projects.

Where can you find EUNIC Clusters?

So far, more than 100 Clusters have been formed in more than 150 countries worldwide (Europe, North America/South America, Asia, Sub- Saharan Africa, Middle East, North Africa and Australia).

What is EUNIC Austria?

EUNIC Austria is the Cluster located in Vienna. It has been operating since 2006 and in 2015 it became an Austrian association that is based on cooperation of local cultural national institutes and cultural departments of embassies. EUNIC Austria is composed of 20 Full Members, 3 Associate Members and 4 Permanent Guests.

What is the main role of EUNIC Austria?

To strengthen the European view on art, culture and common European values, to organise and support projects aiming to create connections between various cultures and to be a contact partner for institutions and individuals active in the cultural life/scene in Austria.

How do members of EUNIC Austria cooperate?

Full members, associate members and permanent guests of EUNIC Austria cooperate on a regular basis and are supported/encouraged by one president and two vice-presidents who lead the association for a one-year mandate. Activities/cultural projects of EUNIC Austria result in a cultural calendar you are welcome to follow on EUNIC Austria social media.

What sort of projects does EUNIC Austria carry out?

Every year, EUNIC Austria organises several cultural events taking place in and around Vienna. The ones organised on a regular basis are focused on literature, music and languages and include the Day of Coffee, the Donau Lounge (Buch Wien) or the European Day of Languages which also reaches out to children. Other projects include theatre performances, concerts as well as guided tours of European sights in Vienna. Feel free to join all of these activities. A admission is free.

How can you get more information about events organised by EUNIC Austria?

Visit us on the EUNIC Austria Website, follow us on FB and download the free EUNIC App to stay updated wherever you are.

How can you cooperate with EUNIC Austria?

If you as a cultural institution, organisation, company or individual have an idea for a joint project or would you like to be part of the work of EUNIC Austria, please do not hesitate to contact us at !