European Places in Vienna

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 „In varietate concordia – In Vielfalt geeint“: this is the EUROPA Motto which is hold by the cluster EUNIC Austria in cooperation with its cluster members who are telling their past and presence related to some monument or place. EUNIC Austria offers you two different tours which are organized by each institute/country that takes part in this project and guided by Mrs. Cornelia Madl. More information and registration will be found and announced at our FB Sites

European Places in Vienna concerns cultural and historical connections between the Austria´s capital and 14 other countries: Finland, Belgium, France, Georgia, Great Britain, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Czech Republic.

Tour A:  -> tour related to these countries: Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia)

Musikverein und Sibelius (Finland)

Albertina (Portugal)

Looshaus am Michaelerplatz  (Czech Republic)

Palais Wilczek (Hungary)

Esperanto-Museum – Ludwik Zamenhof (Poland)

Palais Dietrichstein (Romania)

Universität und Ján Kollár (Slovakia)

Meeting point: Musikverein (at the entrance)


Tour B -> tour related to these countries: Austria, Georgia, Slovenia, Croatia, Great Britain, Sweden, France)

Stephansdom (Austria)

Zacherlhaus (Georgia)

Zacherlhaus / Plecnik (Slovenia)

Am Hof: Kirche mit den hl. Messen auf Kroatisch als Ausgangspunkt zur Geschichte über Krowotendörfel (Croatia)

Judenplatz: Rachel Whiteread_Mahnmal am Judenplatz (Great Britain)

Schwedenplatz (Sweden)

Hotel Sofitel (France)

Meeting point: Stephansdom (at the entrance)