Reading from the Homer´s Odyssey

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Haus der EU - Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission (Clara Bencivenga, Achim Braun)

Information office of the European Parliament and the European Commission Representation in Vienna would like to invite you in cooperation with EUNIC Austria to be a part of the multilingual event called, 

Die Fahrten des Odysseus durch die Sprachen Europas

Alle radici dell'Europa: Omero e l'Odissea

Ulysses sails again: A multilingual Odyssey

Speech: Dr. Georg Plattner (Kunsthistorisches Museum):
„Homer aus der Sicht des Europäers – von den Römern bis heute”
Reading of an chosen extract from Homer´s „Odyssee” in German, Slovak, Dutch, Lithuanian, Swedish,  Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, Old Greek, Polish, French, Czech and English.
Music: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Danek

Monday, September 22nd,  2014, at 7pm
Haus der Europäischen Union, 1010 Wien, Wipplingerstraße 35

Hosted by: Achim Braun und Clara Bencivenga

We are looking forward to seeing you!



More pictures from the event you can find here.